1. Here is a picture of an example called TextDemo that enables you to type text using a text field (at the top) and then appends the typed text to a text area (underneath). How to get the value of a form element using JavaScript. JavaScript. For JSON, we can easily get the data using JavaScript. Download the code. HTML TextArea control does not have MaxLength property like the normal TextBox and Password fields have. We will use the following Student model class throughout this article. There are two types of storage you can use. Setting the value of the text input element through JavaScript try using the free YQL webservice to convert the page to JSON-packed base64, and unpack the data on the client. We can get the value of text input field using various methods in script. The closing tag and uses the text between those two, instead of using its value attribute, as starting text. Well, we will discuss how to get data from XML using JavaScript and jQuery, in this blog. Oh,