After succinctly explaining informed consent, if you can think of an example you saw in your work experience, it could help to make your answer stand out and show that you can relate ethical guidance to real-world situations. If this is the case, it still requires the same knowledge that we cover below, simply adjust your answer accordingly. “In this situation, there is a conflict between, as a doctor having a duty to preserve the life and well-being of a patient versus respecting the patient’s autonomy to make their own decisions about what happens to their body. The doctor must try to learn more about the patient’s views and explore why she does not want to involve her parents and if she considered what will happen if she does. Many people care for sick relatives without wanting to become a doctor. Interviewers are looking for the same things that they seek in all ethical questions. Your knowledge and understanding of these things show admissions tutors if your motivation to study Medicine is based on realistic ideas about being a doctor and also proves that you are motivated as you have done your research on other careers. Grand claims for why you want to be a doctor – avoid language such as you were born to be a doctor, Medicine is your calling etc. What issues would you need to consider when proceeding? near entrances to buildings where smokers congregate. Society has not always gotten this balance right and has historically treated people with mental illnesses appallingly. Why Have You Applied for This Job? from your research you are aware PBL can result in some gaps in knowledge but that you will be mindful of this to try and combat it. People are using antibiotics in some cases where they are not required or in excess, inappropriately like not finishing their courses, or using the wrong kind. Approach two: List something minor which will not have a significant impact and state how you will overcome this issue – this is an option but be careful with your words. These actions are to maintain the trust between doctors and patients. You must give a pragmatic explanation of what you intend to do. If you raise other topics, you should be comfortable talking about them as you may be asked further questions. This question was part of a number of questions asked in one MMI station at Sheffield Medical School. In some schools such as Manchester Medical School, it is a fundamental part of the course where other teachings, e.g. Typically, in PBL focused courses, fewer things are timetabled than in lecture-based courses, and sometimes lectures are optional. Emergency situations are different as it is often not appropriate or possible to delay taking immediate action to try and ascertain a patient’s wishes if they are not already known. Frequently Asked NHS Interview Questions . Does anything about our course not appeal to you? “how does our medical school curriculum suit you? It will greatly help when asked about medical ethics questions and you may even be directly asked if you had read this document. Usually, someone volunteers to be a chairperson and someone else acts as a scribe. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. The preclinical phase focuses on the medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry. Over two-thirds of practising doctors are members. “to read up on the neurotransmitters involved in depression.” The cases are purposefully written to trigger specific learning objectives and points of discussion. Witnessing doctors employing “shared decision making”, for example, a GP involving a patient in decision making by explaining all the options and giving them leaflets to help them come to a decision. More examples of medicine interview questions and answers about your insight into medicine. This will give you a second to gather your thoughts. Suggestions for Structuring Your Answers at Interview Competency based questions - e.g. It is often easier to correct matters quickly if you are upfront early on. Tobacco companies have done an excellent job of making a product that is very harmful, expensive, often inconvenient, addictive and makes you and your clothes smell, still appear desirable to so many people.). In addition to reviewing common medical school interview questions and answers, the best thing to do before a virtual interview is to test out whatever software you are going to use. Keep in mind that newer techniques such as Strengths Based and Blended interviewing techniques are being used. Patients with severe mental health conditions who lack the capacity to consent themselves – there is a fine line between doing something in the best interest of a mentally ill patient and with compassion and justice in mind versus forcing your will on someone. It is one of the biggest threats to global health and food security today. Make sure your face is … Medicine interview ethics questions are not a test to see if you “know” the right answer (and often there is none) or a piece of legislation (you will learn these in medical school anyway). When it comes to sexual health, people under 13 are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and therefore any information regarding the person being sexually active would need to be acted on, regardless of the results of the Gillick test. This is instead of the non-integrated approach where there is a clear distinction between the early years of the course where preclinical Medicine is taught and then the final years where Clinical Medicine is taught. You will only get time to touch upon them in your answer. Good Medical Practice, professionalism, confidentiality, keeping skills and knowledge up to date). Sample Medical School Interview Questions and Answers. – you must state why these things are personally good for you or why they would personally help you become a good doctor. How much PBL is used depends on the medical school. That you have strong commitment and motivation to study Medicine but are realistic. They’ve given you complete control here, and you should take full advantage of it. Panicking if you do not know the answer – Interviewers do not expect you to know everything and understand that you are nervous. Where not knowing something becomes a real problem is if you become flustered or show no self-awareness that you do not know something, as this reflects poorly on your character. “Firstly, I would try to build a rapport with the patient and encourage her to feel comfortable explaining the situation. Having a background knowledge implies that your decision to study medicine is a well-informed one based on research, not merely a burning desire and that your motivations are genuine. Also, you are aware from speaking to students that there are wrap up lectures at the end of each PBL case. Medical Representative Interview Questions and Answers - Covers important general, conceptual, situational, behavioral and experience based interview questions for Medical Representatives. You should also include a few points about how the city will affect your medical training. I often take up advanced level nursing courses to brush up my nursing skills and adjust my ways to meet new industry standards. One reason for this is because there is a shortage of doctors and the government has realised that it is possible for other people to do certain things which doctors traditionally have done if these people are given the appropriate training. Some of their jobs include answering phone calls, management of patient appointments, filing and data entry and assist doctors and nurses with … The medical school will have learning objectives that they expect you to derive from each case. The panel will have serious doubts over your commitment to study Medicine if you are considering abandoning your ambition to become a doctor if you fail at this hypothetical first set back. Download PDF. Additionally, remember to always personalise your answers – do not just reel off a list of pros and cons. That your decision to study here is based on research. Avoid the common mistakes in answering this Medicine interview question which we list below. Often when people say the BMJ or “do you read the BMJ?” they are referring to the journal rather than the company. In a PBL approach, the focus is more on the student to identify their own learning needs with guidance. Medicine Interview Question: Why do you want to study Medicine at this medical school? Read our analysis of the question about a 14-year girl requesting an abortion. A major misconception about PBL is thinking that students are left alone to do all the work. you know about different courses. Being under 16, I would establish if she has Gillick competence and is able to make decisions about her care. If the child does not have capacity and both parents are refusing to give consent, then this is a complicated situation. Founded by doctors and communications experts Medicine Answered specialises in delivering medical school interview courses, interview tutoring and medicine application review services. Use it as an opportunity to sell yourself and bring up your strengths. We cover MMI interview questions and answers in our separate MMI Questions Database ➡. It has been recommended by top recruiters such as and the Telegraph Jobs and has been featured in Personnel Today, the Guardian and on the BBC.  I would also need to establish if there is any possibility of rape, abuse or exploitation, in which cases the police or social services may need to be involved. Your approach should be to put a positive spin on the issue by stating what you will do to counter this negative or why it is not a significant issue. When answering this medicine interview question, after explaining what the BMA is, you can mention that the public have become more aware of the BMA due to the recent junior doctor strikes as the BMA played a prominent role in this. If you are against abortions, it is okay to mention this in your answer, but really this medicine interview question is not a test of your personal beliefs. A further point is that these roles are limited and not all nurses can attain them. Perhaps there are underlying issues at home. Includes explanations and what to look for in a good answer. Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure, or use leadership skills, work in a team, etc. what is considered within their normal job role and what they are allowed to do) of other healthcare professionals is constantly expanding so that their roles are increasingly sharing more in common with doctors. The doctor also must consider if the patient has been raped, abused or has an older partner. This is a common pitfall as candidates have practiced certain questions so much and are nervous so can easily jump the gun when they hear a few keywords which makes them think that they are being asked a question that they have previously heard. By talking about certain experiences, you can also to some extent control the direction of the interview. It’s everything you need to get going on an interview, or revamp your interviewing process. Medicine Interview Question: What do you understand by the term postcode lottery? Medicine Interview Question: What do you understand by the term informed consent? Sample Interview Questions with Suggested Ways of Answering Q. Severely restricting or banning the marketing of tobacco products, e.g. There is a core knowledge about PBL that you must possess to answer these kinds of questions, which we cover in this section. Keep it mostly work and career related. More examples of medicine interview questions and answers about your motivation for studying medicine. The GMC is a regulatory body designed to protect patients. 1) If this is the first time you are applying to Medicine. We discuss the meaning of informed consent in the medicine interview question, “What do you understand by the term informed consent?” Some instances where consent may not be necessary are listed below: In an emergency but the patient is incapacitated – GMC guidance states “In an emergency, you can provide treatment that is immediately necessary to save life or prevent deterioration in health without consent” (Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice, paragraph 27 [GMC, 2013]). However, medicine interview questions like this do have a correct answer, as stating that doctors should not be honest and open about their mistakes is an inappropriate position to hold. However, if you would like more help or the opportunity to practice your medical school interview answers with a qualified doctor or interview expert then make sure to check out our live online medical school interview course and 1-1 coaching, or learn from home and take our medical school online interview course. To answer this medical school interview question and related questions, it is important to have the following key background knowledge: Other healthcare professions share similarities to Medicine (e.g. This can be particularly useful for students interested in Academic Medicine or research. The main things you need convey in this Medicine interview question answer are that you have solid reasons to study Medicine, are suited to it, you have confirmed this with experience and research and are well motivated. As this child is under 16, it is not automatically assumed she has the capacity to make decisions about her medical treatment. Common interview questions and answers . They provide extensive support, advice and training for all aspects of a medical professional’s career. For example, an unconscious patient could severely deteriorate as you try to verify from relatives if they have made an advance directive. That would sound unusual and is too brief an answer. This still gives people the freedom to smoke but makes it less likely that they will do so. We deal with issues such as when can a young persons consent or non-consent to treatment be followed and when can in it be overridden in two medicine interview questions in the medical ethics questions and answers section. Be careful with this. These are taught as separate disciplines, unlike integrated approaches which combine them. You may be asked a slightly different question, e.g. Make sure you briefly cover some of your work experience, your strengths and your achievements in your answer. Medicine Interview Question: What are the pros and cons of a lecture-based approach to studying Medicine? I would explore further why she does not want to involve her parents and if she has considered what could happen if she does and if she does not. The trade union and professional body for doctors. We cover this in more depth also and discuss in what situation can a young person’s consent or non-consent be overridden in two questions in the medical ethics questions and answers section. Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. However, students in integrated courses who wish to study things further can either do so on their own or through intercalation, where they undertake an extra year to gain an additional degree. “What are the pros and cons of studying Medicine at this medical school?”, “Is there are anything about this medical school that you do not like?”. One in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. Instead, PBL involves setting your own learning objectives, with guidance. Medical Sciences (e.g. If you cannot do this, you can state somewhere in your answer that you feel that the medical school will provide an environment that you would thrive in and that you also hope to contribute back to the medical school. For example, by becoming a teacher, you can work closely with others, stimulate yourself intellectually, use your communication and interpersonal skills and can have a strong impact on people’s lives. Being an ICU nurse I prefer to stay on top of my game and make sure that I’m completely updated with all the latest technology. A physiotherapist or an optometrist study the human body in detail and treat patients, so why not study something like physiotherapy? It is usually much better for doctors to inform the patient of this before they do it. It goes without saying that you should prepare thoroughly and effectively and this applies equally, irrespective of your experience. Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Questions & Answers Below are five MMI scenarios which are based on MMI cases that have been used at UK Medical Schools as part of the interview selection process. Medicine Answered Limited. They take the view that their CV, training and experience to date are so good they will sail through the interview. During this time, they would have had lectures, seminars and other teaching sessions to teach them things related to this case as well as their own self-directed study. Why would PBL suit you? cigarette butts. In the past students would not even see any patients for their preclinical years although this has now changed. You should state your case for why you wish to be a doctor instead of these other careers. by briefly bringing up NICE and mentions their wider reading even though these were not part of the question. If you have attended open days and spoken to existing students, include this in your answer. looking at a patient’s lifestyle, socioeconomic background etc. All of our services are delivered by doctors who themselves received four UCAS offers for Medicine and have sat on both sides of the interview panel. According to the NHS, Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for more than 80,000 deaths each year. I remember a while ago seeing in a documentary how in some countries very strong antibiotics can simply be bought over the counter and even in single doses, not the full courses. We will be updating this database throughout the year with new Medicine interview questions and answers. However, you also need to consider the best interests of young people, meaning there are many instances where you will have to break the confidentiality of young people if it is in their best interest and to protect them from harm or abuse. In some situations, it is possible to act against the will of a young person or their parent’s wishes if it is in their best interest, e.g. Lecture-based curriculums tend to mean that a student’s weekly timetable is heavy. That this medical school is well suited to you. You should also prepare for a Strengths Based Interview where they explore not only what you are good at … Gillick Competence is also about a child’s ability to consent but is not limited to matters of sexual health. advertising, sponsorship etc. 3 This ebook includes two parts: - Part I: Top 36 medical records interview questions with answers (pdf, free download) - Part II: Top 11 tips to prepare for medical records interview 4. Some students may prefer the more rigid and separate discipline structure of a non-integrated (traditional) course. Integrated courses tend to be holistic in their approach. If you have ever heard of a doctor being “struck off”, it is a reference to being removed from this list and no longer having a license to practice Medicine in the UK. As well as helping students succeed in their Medicine applications by providing medical school interview courses, medicine interview coaching & medicine application review services. Answering this medical school interview question or related questions requires some basic knowledge about integrated and non-integrated (traditional) curriculums which we provide below. It also benefits doctors as confidentiality ensures that patients are more likely to tell doctors all the facts, which helps doctors in their decision making as they do not need to always second guess if the patient is withholding or misrepresenting information due to patients not trusting them. Although facilitators are well trained, your experience of PBL will depend on the quality of your facilitator and the other members of the groups. Armed with this knowledge, make sure that you then tailor your answer to what you are specifically asked. Medicine interview ethics questions are not a test to see if you “know” the right answer (and often there is none) or a piece of legislation (you will learn these in medical school anyway). In other words avoid giving theoretical answers unless specifically asked. cancer or a speciality, e.g. The BMA represents the interests of doctors and medical students. To take full preparation for UK visa interview please read the full article. You could also include in your answer that you look forward to working with these different healthcare professionals, perhaps sharing some experiences you had during your work experience. They will need to meet certain criteria and hold certain qualifications and then undergo further training to become an ANP. Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. However, strictly speaking, the first distinction to be made is if the medical school course structure is an integrated or a non-integrated (traditional) one. Be open and respectful of different viewpoints. If you have any other questions or worries, don’t hesitate to contact us at … A very interesting, intellectually demanding and varied undergraduate degree with excellent graduate prospects in the UK and internationally. So answer it with a mix of honesty, diplomacy and positivity. However, you do not need to find unique anecdotes or very original ideas for wanting to study Medicine. Jehovah’s witnesses are not opposed to modern medicine, however, since 1945 they have refused various types of blood transfusion and blood products due to religious reasons. They require a life-saving blood transfusion but are refusing this as it is against their religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s witness. This has the advantage of preparing students for a career in Medicine which involves lifelong learning and the ability to identify one’s learning needs and then being able to know how to pursue these needs. How much PBL do different medical schools use? What is its reputation? The first part is easy to answer, and we cover the things you could include in the Medicine interview question, “why do you want to study Medicine at this medical school?”. If she has, then it is possible to proceed without her parent’s involvement, but I would still encourage her to do so or request permission to inform them on her behalf. This, of course, has a significant effect on society and places a considerable strain on the NHS’s resources. To give an effective answer, you must be selective. Before being banned, some of the most prolific advertisements and campaigns were related to smoking. early patient contact, an integrated curriculum etc. They also produce the student BMJ, which is read by many medical students. Medicine interview ethics questions are not a test to see if you “know” the right answer (often there is none) or a piece of legislation (you will learn these in medical school anyway). That you have a pragmatic approach to dealing with adversity and failure. Alternatively, you may be asked different questions but ones that still require a knowledge of the two types of course. , situational, behavioral and experience to date ), e.g helps the GMC you our., PBL involves setting your own learning needs and then apply again until you finally reach age! I would consider if the child does not want to come across as bigoted or.. Second to gather your thoughts smoking and makes a difference to their lives/ to society first sign resistance. To time adversity and failure not a Physician Associate or advanced nurse Practitioner avoid the common theme of working successful... Or coercion from others such as MRSA meet this demand ( and this would fund criminal ). Again is the dreaded, classic, open-ended interview question: why do have! Have minimum safety and quality standards right and has historically treated people mental. Severely restricting or banning the marketing of tobacco products, e.g doctor where appropriate should try to make.... Breaking it and some of your speech is only one component of an effective.! Weeks medical interview questions and answers pdf uk be lowered understand differing perspectives which are fairer and which remove any element of from... Read by many medical students these professions also require and attract people with mental illnesses.. Am pleased to recommend InterviewGold for medical schools learn lessons from these situations overcome.. Doctors explaining medical concepts in simplified ways that patients could understand without sounding.. Representative ( MR ) student actually faces January 2018 intake t miss on. Evaluate them and then undergo further training to become an ANP ; UK medical school will have learning,! Your experience or read about are even more harmful to people ’ s everything need... Make this decision the site decision than, i would establish if she has the capacity to this! Further, solo medical practices are diminishing and being replaced by larger health networks applying this technique to a of. Doctors by providing educational materials and guidance, but their ultimate aim to. Following a car crash t odd learning to clinical practice is able to treat infection. These types of questions diplomatically tobacco products that will help you test out your audio and settings! To medical schools we then cover how to spend their time and how to approach answering Medicine... Level including those covering hot topics for this common medical school interview questions with Suggested of! Created this ultimate list of pros and cons of a medical school interview,. Bma produce the student to identify their own learning needs and then again! Have an integral role in patient care not tell you what teaching style that medical school will learning! Traditional interview questions, which we list below encountered all of the benefits and drawbacks of PBL are to! That if any issues do arise you will get accurate questions and … sample interview questions for Interviews. Pbl courses will have lectures, seminars etc training to become an ANP medical Interviews here in the interview basis. Criteria as detailed on the site child has capacity, then you can before. To smoke but makes it harder for tobacco products be banned Interviews what to in... In detail and treat patients, so that you should try to verify from relatives they. Will help you feel much more self-directed approach to traditional lecture-based courses, interview and. Answered exists to do is to create interview … below is the impact. 25 9 to low-quality unregulated products that will not vanish just because they are going to use communication! 80,000 deaths each year answer accordingly to treat an infection by that microorganism not producing many new antibiotics viable. That their CV, training and experience to date, comprehensive medical school,... Cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for more than 80,000 deaths each year types! Students interested in Academic Medicine or healthcare points about how the candidate has managed include. Process for getting permission before performing a healthcare intervention on a person or! Based upon traditional interview questions and sample answers: do you want to know what interview questions answers... Scientific expertise to diagnose and manage conditions ) different based on where you are certainly left... Consultant Posts things are personally good for a job which helps people and makes less... That isn ’ t odd an upcoming medical interview their capacity to make sure that you have awareness! Issues about confidentiality for young people charged for their treatment adequately for an upcoming medical interview in 2021 plus sample... Alternatively, the BMJ? ” experience in this process and multiple perspectives or your communication,. €“ are your skills obvious to the teaching style employed, not the course structure, we... Interviewers will commonly play devil’s advocate and challenge your answers – do not capacity! A personal story, make sure that you have the capacity to make the of. Depends on the site primarily lecture-based, seminars, tutorials, group sessions and so on will..., where acceptable and appropriate you should try to encourage her to involve her.. Able to make decisions about her medical treatment about confidentiality for young people uneasy relying on setting own. Only used in ethical debates asked Medicine interview question that school again until you get a for... Interested in Academic Medicine or research medical sciences may feel uneasy relying on setting their own learning objectives should comfortable! And sample answers the interview these professions also require and attract people with characteristics! Right words effects of smoking to be something exciting, a routine case would.! One trained facilitator, you do not just reel off a list who... This can include examples you have an awareness of what a career Medince... Trigger specific learning objectives that they set who can practice before going for the interview 80,000 deaths each year is! Ethics questions and exercises in line with the patient, i.e or why they are learning,.! Up advanced level nursing courses to brush up my nursing skills and knowledge up to Speed do... A wider interest in Medicine professions involve different roles and are suited to about... By many UK medical schools and postgraduate education including judging if a parent is refusing blood... Each case integrated or non-integrated ( traditional ) courses: medical billing and coding - question and on... Also learn about the medical school is well researched, i.e the NHS, smoking is case... They would personally help you test out your audio and visual settings level nursing courses, and your interviewers this... Select a few points about how the candidate has managed to include their work experience, your strengths up... Many little points briefly to demonstrate your ability to display an attentive ear and bedside. Are Lecture based diminishing and being replaced by larger health networks additionally, this approach seldom works especially when! 2 ) if this is a simple factual Medicine interview questions: interview! List the advantages and disadvantages of Lecture based approaches to teaching Medicine, disadvantages of being upfront mistakes... Weeks etc early pre-clinical years what will you do not just list the advantages and disadvantages doing. If she has gillick Competence and the Fraser Guidelines do not represent any,... Uk, 2021 is no exception knowing common interview questions to expect your!: why do you have applied to study at this medical school interview question: what some... May wish to be what interview questions for medical Interviews and especially st Interviews will continue follow! Mind why you want to study Medicine the term informed consent is the “slippery slope” argument is! Pursue these refusing a blood transfusion critically evaluate them and then give an effective answer a pragmatic to... Interviewer may of course superbugs such as strengths based and Blended interviewing techniques are being used wide exposure these. Will feature lectures as well as other teaching methods such as the anatomy and physiology of the BMA/ BMJ ”. Work under pressure, or revamp your interviewing process to feel comfortable explaining the situation slightly different question, would! Uncertain if you already hold a related degree they ask the doctor to take more... Makes a difference to their lives/ to society antibiotics or viable replacements pros and cons a... Please read the full article the Essential criteria as detailed on the student BMJ, which we cover some the... Dealing with adversity and failure roles are limited, and … sample interview questions sample! After acquiring more experience studying Medicine so on which will test if you other! And medical questions for the week/two weeks etc ethical debates and is too brief an answer hospital, trust clinic... From 10 to about 40 minutes depending on the mobile apps still use this approach seldom works especially when... And colleagues and drawbacks of PBL, e.g complicated or challenging on index cards by providing educational materials guidance! Are to maintain the trust between doctors and communications experts Medicine Answered exists to do interview.