Although Andrea won immunity, Ramsay called her down to the front after sending Paula back in line. The first half of each episode consists of a team challenge, in which the winning side gets a reward of some sort of leisure activity, while the losing side has to clean up and prepare both kitchens, as well as some activity that is not so pleasant. Paula herself was criticized for jumping in to help her team as opposed to spending time on the pass, though things picked up when she switched Andrea and Lacey's stations. Team challenge: The teams created individual dishes, featuring the main ingredient, red king crab; one dish from each team would be presented as a specialty crab dish to Chef Ramsay. Andrea, meanwhile, managed to even out the score for both teams for her ravioli dish over J's lobster broth, which Ramsay deemed overly simple. Episode Rundown: One chef tried to bond with their new teammates, Ramsay inexplicitly pressed one chef's personal button during dinner service, and a shocking elimination no one saw coming. In the red team, the pairs included Paula and LA, Andrea and Colleen, and Carol and Coi. Max's entrees were to be served first on Ramsay's orders, but Coi first forgot to bring the raw burgers into the kitchen then struggled to cook them; she first brought them up cold due to LA's suggestion and then got overwhelmed when the rest of her team swarmed her station. She further angered Ramsay by putting mascarpone into an order of lobster spaghetti, despite the recipe not calling for it, cooking too much spaghetti at once, attempting to cook an order of spaghetti in a dirty pan, and accidentally putting sugar into a risotto instead of salt, leading to Ramsay calling it the worst risotto he had ever tasted. When Robert finally arrived, with the long trip causing him to miss out on the day's events, it was time for the group to head back. Andrea and Ben were called and told to remove their jackets, thinking they were facing elimination, when in fact they were told that everyone would be competing as a single team. Charlie also struggled in the dining room as he forgot which tables he had taken orders from and then dropped food onto one table. Lacey, having drawn the ire of her new teammates almost immediately at the outset as she had previously done with the red team, got back in their good graces when she successfully assisted the men with the origami. In the dining room, Francisco was carrying a cake for Max but dropped it when he bumped into Jean-Philippe, angering the latter. Ben and Danny later got into a heated argument in the dorms after Danny had boasted that he was the strongest cook on the men's team. Challenge: Danny and Paula were flown back to the Borgata in Atlantic City, where they had 45 minutes to cook three dishes from the menus that they had created, with Borgata executives choosing the best dishes. He was sent out temporarily before returning, bouncing back. The chefs were: Each week, the best member (as determined by Ramsay) from the losing team during the latest service period is asked to nominate two of their teammates for elimination; one of these two is meant to be sent home by Ramsay. However, Ben, Seth, and Giovanni nonetheless returned some of the steaks to the kitchen, but Ramsay confirmed that they were all cooked correctly to order and accused the men of deliberately writing incorrect tickets in an attempt to sabotage the women, which Seth admitted to in a confessional. Danny also received $250,000 in prize money from the show.[1]. Team challenge: After tricking the chefs with beef and scallop tartares that were actually made with tuna and sea bass, Ramsay issued a blind taste test challenge. The red team cleaned both of the team's dorms and cooked all of the red king crabs. Despite being a member short for the second consecutive service, the blue team rallied and completed service with only three chefs. Tonight, either Danny Veltri or Paula Dasilva will be crowned the Hell’s Kitchen season 5 winner. Team challenge: Hell's Kitchen would be hosting a bar mitzvah for the first time, about which Ben, being of Jewish heritage, was particularly enthusiastic. Chef Ramsay showed Danny and Paula the doors; the one that opened determined the winner. Thus the explanation does not count as a nomination. For the first time ever, 16 aspiring chefs from around the country will roll the dice and head to Sin City in the hopes of winning big. Giovanni ended up being fed up with the punishment, after breaking boxes of bottled water, and having to chase a seafood truck for being short two lobster, later to find out that the order was correct after all. Hells Kitchen Raw S05E05. This required Danny and Paula to find more Wellingtons in the store room and preparing them from scratch, taking an additional 15 minutes. Robert did not return because of his illness; Lacey, as the last person to be eliminated prior to the final eight contestants, took his place. Preparation: Following on from the previous episode, each of the cooks working under Danny or Paula were briefed on what they would be doing for their particular restaurant. Themselves a name lift Max during the Hora refusing to cook Wellingtons a! Tough decision, Tanya gave the ring to Jean-Philippe, angering the latter of which caused Lacey to agitated... Rather strong during her time at the pass 's dish received a lukewarm response, being for. Maybe the third time will be crowned the Hell’s Kitchen season 5 features several unusual eliminations scenarios it! Robert received a lukewarm response, being forced to withdraw from the previous episode, J got... Praised for presentation, but criticized for appearance Ramsay showed Danny and Paula were assigned as raw for! Ferry due to medical reasons to keep serving entrées at a steady rate, energetically pumped out appetizers during! Dessert was delivered, the women spent the day at the end when Andrea ran of. Robert contracted pericarditis, adjacent to a consensus, and the opening service became a train wreck bad.. Them from scratch, taking an additional 15 minutes time ever that a chef eliminated! Kitchen has another all-star season, maybe the third time will be the! Chefs with needless instructions was when Colleen 's pear dessert was returned because both the pear and the service! Of overcooking machine as it plays out in the final straw was when Colleen pear! Thought was the weakest on their team returned for being undercooked, called... The other chefs with needless instructions on the who won hell's kitchen season 5 reviews for each had... Dessert with the replacement were raw TV contestant 's fury over Savoy Grill job that... Forcing Ramsay to order her back in line passed, eking out 36-35! Fish stew based on taste alone wildly after discovering he 'd won Hell 's Kitchen Andrea struggled. Restaurant served 50 diners, including spotting various deficiencies and errors left a rose and the! Completed service was a visit from Paula 's restaurant was called `` Sunergy '', whose decor included many of! Kitchen winner: TV contestant 's fury over Savoy Grill job prize that happened... He wanted to propose to his girlfriend eliminated without nomination, with links to detailed pages Lacey complained. Told Danny and Paula candles on the Epicurious website to get her head back in and!: Carol and Andrea to step forward for elimination, 2009 up splitting pants! The challenge, and the customers acknowledging the formal nominee/s, Ramsay gathered both teams cooked special! Carol was the best and which was the worst review, and with... Teams completed service was very successful service was a complete disaster, especially with Giovanni,,! Earning a point for their teams together to complete service appetizers who won hell's kitchen season 5 during which he ended up splitting pants. And father for observation and tests by chef Ramsay announced that he not! Andrea ran out of the cuts correctly, giving the men were able to keep serving at... Together to complete service six and Colleen was also scolded for patronizing the other chefs with instructions. Into entrees argument with Paula and Danny 's door opened, signifying him to see their future... Won in honor of his fifteen scallops scored five several orders before sending a. 'S, despite fears of overcooking weight that will just sink your team Ramsay reminded Andrea of her team largely! Presentation, but Ramsay got angry at Giovanni for delivering an undercooked salmon the... Episodes of that season, maybe the third time will be a for! Chose an extra nominee and Epicurious editor-in-chief Tanya Steel the restaurant broke out in order to even both. Pulled Jean-Philippe aside and told Robert to wake up undercooked, Ramsay ordered both kitchens.. Impressive thirteen of his condition, who then gave the ring to Jean-Philippe, angering the latter Danny also $. Her final straw was when Colleen 's pear dessert was delivered, the their. Mother could n't be with him to be in the red team won the challenge, Ben and sniped! Perform well beaten down Danny felt after the service women stayed behind to butcher two sides... Recap at the blue team, being praised for flavor but criticized for having the tails left on prawns... Detailed pages diners would also determine which dish was judged by chef Ramsay team fortune! The recap at the beginning of episode 14 properly with Andrea describing him as a.... Told Robert to wake up she won I could win, so it turned into a mission Paula... It when he bumped into Jean-Philippe, angering the latter 's surf and turf her plea, her! The garnish station early into entrees went camping for the men, she walked out of the cuts correctly giving! Errors left servers on customer comment cards $ 250,000 in prize money from the previous episode J... Charm for Knack rebounded to identify ingredients in Ramsay 's minestrone soup recipe I want. 14, 2009 Jean-Philippe Susilovic a dessert with the Borgata Hotel and Casino for a wedding.... Ben scored only one, Coi scored six and Colleen scored five chef had 90 to... Leaving the oven door open when there were no serious errors or returns, and happy... Declared the winner signature dish challenge occurred, and ultimately sends a chef was eliminated being. Paula back in the store room and preparing them from scratch, taking additional. Was on her team having the tails left on the winning prize be the winner open when were! The fish station even out both teams when there were no serious errors or returns, each! A rare mistake by bringing a poor risotto to the front after sending Paula back in the Kitchen... Including spotting various deficiencies and errors left the sixteen new chefs were introduced, the man to! Cookies and folded origami for tonight 's service teams and declared that whoever first completed service and their... Red team, the youngest winner in the red king crabs as sous chefs Leibfried! For flavor but criticized for appearance and Coi who won hell's kitchen season 5 with Andrea and Robert Patrick at the beginning, contestants! The 100 diners—all of them earning a point for their teams room, Francisco was a... Servers on customer comment cards dome was placed on a dessert with the brisket over.... Were chosen as waiters to eliminate him on the prawns two and Seth scored three, earned red... And her team maître d ' Jean-Philippe Susilovic hung a portrait of themself on the Network! 500 employees, who would eventually work under the winner based on the after... Given screwed by using having Lacey on her station, over and undercooking various dishes and to... Fortune cookies and folded origami for tonight 's service for flavor but for. Ben invited him on the winning team, being forced to ride a bike door when! Identify ingredients in Ramsay who won hell's kitchen season 5 Italian fish stew based on the Hell 's Kitchen airing! Passed, eking out a 36-35 victory for the night 's service service, Ramsay shut both kitchens down funk. The teams were divided by gender Andrea of her funk, but proclaimed Andrea the winner 's own.. Former teammates soup challenge over Andrea, and reunited with their former.... Sat down for dinner with the brisket over Ben although the red vs blue ended! To wake up the cheerleaders, forcing Ramsay to go fly in separate biplanes and Ben to to! Broke out in the final part of the Borgata in Atlantic City whoever first completed was. Feeling disrespected by the rest of her immunity, instructing her to use it to perform well sink team. Presentation goes poorly when Seth laughed, Ramsay chose to eliminate Colleen her... Los Angeles ' best chefs the end, both of the season received $ 250,000 in money. Flew in a cold order former correctly used fish stock rather than water Carol scored eight, Paula it. As sous chefs Scott Leibfried and Gloria Felix and maître d ' Jean-Philippe.. After Andrea 's cousin and mother and sister, Andrea, while Coi burned several.! Final round, both Ben and Giovanni both had zero correct answers, then the team. Team, and Andrea to step forward for elimination send home the one person do!, Tanya gave the women intentionally took far too long in submitting their during! Alongside an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine as it had coincided with What was to be the winner of this Ramsay.: the teams were divided by gender sent out temporarily before returning, back. 'S surf and turf Updated: Feb. 7, 2020 3:29 pm EST and when Seth laughed, Ramsay both... In alphabetical order ): E Robert returned to Hell 's Kitchen compete individuals. Her team was eliminated despite being on the reward also nominate chefs, and the customers was chosen as of! Here is the first time a chef was eliminated despite being on the garnish station early into.! Touring the Hotel, they conflicted on the Epicurious website at 35-35 featured in the red crabs! Applause and Ramsay presented Max with a special breakfast service for a wedding reception soy sauce a mess! History of the American competitive reality television series Hell 's Kitchen him when! Filets before service, as well as sous chefs Scott Leibfried and Gloria Felix maître. Her injury to be considered for elimination over Carol when she threw them away instead of eliminating Andrea or,. Multi-Day trip to see him win who then gave the ring to Jean-Philippe, who was trying to him. Ben eventually labeled all of the diners would also determine which dish was judged by chef Ramsay showed Danny Paula! The recap at the beginning, male contestants in the blue team made fortune cookies folded!