Once you go through the door, open the treasure chest at the center of the room to get the Power Moon. 11. Super Mario Odyssey guide: Bowser’s Kingdom all power moon locations - Find the latest Technology news from iTechBlog. : In the Main Courtyard Entrance area, jump up onto the roof of the building to the right to find a second power line. Power Moon #11 - Knocking Down the Nice Frame. 26. See related science and technology articles, photos, slideshows and videos. Down below you should notice some boxes blocking the entrance to a secret area – use Pokio to carefully flick your way down there and smash open the boxes to reveal a Power Moon. Name . Capture one and make a stack of 10. On the top of the Inner Wall, go down the northwest corner and descend a few tiers. Walking on the Moon! All Bowser’s Kingdom Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey listed with locations and images. Fly under the bridge and over to the northern edge of the swamp to find a catapult. You’ll need to use a spinning section to take you around to the back of the tower – from here, if you look down, you’ll see a small opening at the very bottom of the tower. 56. Ride the beanstalk to the sky to get to another level. Shining Above the Moon: Just behind the Odyssey to the right-hand side you should find a small... You have entered an incorrect email address! Take the electrical wire just in front of you to the next section of the Kingdom, and turn around to drop down onto the statue. Bowser’s Castle Treasure Vault: Warp to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint flag and look to the southwest; you should spot a roof that has yellow spikes on top. Bowser's Kingdom Power Moon 45 - Found with Bowser's Kingdom Art Additionally, there will be 17 Post Game Power Moons that can be found and obtained in Bowser Kingdom. Fly under the small ledge at the bottom to find a key which will unlock a second Power Moon at the top of the tower. 17. Power Moon #38 - Dashing Through the Clouds. By flicking yourself over to the left along this wall, you should spot some gold coins, regional coins, and eventually a vertical bit of wall taking you to a Power Moon. There will be a wall blocked by crates and you’ll need to break them without falling. A Power Moon will be your reward. From this area (a poison swamp with a Stairface Ogre), you’ll need to jump down again to the south, using Cappy’s momentum to land on an area with a Pokio. lol The obvious ones are hard cause you keep looking for something super hidden or difficult. Capture the Pokio and begin your ascent of the first wall. Moon Kingdom 'Moon Rock' Power Moon Locations (1-27) 43. A Power Moon is waiting for you inside a cage at the other end. Comment. Past the first gate of the Kingdom, you’ll see a bunch of Goombas. 54 Hat-and-Seek: Among the Food Behind one of the buildings in Peronza Plaza, the player can find a Volbonan with a Bonneter disguised as a chef hat on its head. Power Moon #7 - From the Side above the Castle Gate. Finish the race in first place to get a Power Moon. You’ll notice a path that curls around a corridor and leads a button that needs 10 Goomba. Keep Cappy there until a Power Moon  appears. Climb up to where the Spiny is (making sure to remember this spot for later) and them climb up another wall to find a bomb-cannon. Mario must travel back to the Sand Kingdom and … After defeating the bosses of the kingdom, the Main Courtyard should have a Hint Art for Mario to peek at. If you head to the southwest corner of this swamp area, you’ll spot a catapult on some red carpet just below you. 45 - Found with Bowser's Kingdom Art. Walk along the roofs, heading for the southwestern corner of them. Take the catapult to the other side of the area and capture the nearby Pokio to clear your path through the Spinies. In this area, you’ll need to defeat all three Stairface Ogres to get the Power Moon – simply lure them into smashing down to the ground, and them climb up the stairs they create to ground pound their heads. Invader in Bowser’s Castle: Warp to the Main Courtyard Entrance checkpoint flag and look for the giant, spinning purple hat on the right hand side. Knocking Down the Nice Frame: Follow the steps for Power Moon 10 to get yourself onto the small rooftop looking over the swamp. Secret Path to Bowser’s Castle! Since it starts from the top, you’ll want to roll down as many slopes as possible. I Met a Pokio! Finding the exact spot where you are close enough to land a throw but not scare the bird away is tricky but, by walking back along the roof and spinning the camera around, the bird will magically re-appear for more attempts. 53 - Bowser's Kingdom Timer Challenge 2. Bowser's Moon Wedding. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Leave the statue in the open space to get another Power Moon. Power Moon #34 - Down and Up the Spinning Tower. Capture the statue near the shop and walk over with it to that place to receive a Power Moon. Inside a Block in the Castle: Right near the Outer Wall checkpoint flag, you should spot some metal boxes surrounding a Stairface Ogre. Above the Poison Swamp: Warp to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint flag and capture the Lakitu who is fishing in the southeast corner of the swamp nearby. Power Moons 1-20: 21-40: 41-45: 46-62 21. Shopping at Bowser’s Castle: Simply purchase this Power Moon for 100 gold coins at this Kingdom’s Crazy Cap store. 42. 44. On the side of the furthest eastern wall, you’ll need to drop down as Pokio to poke its beak into a hole and reveal a Power Moon. 55 Defeat Bowser and return to Bowser’s Kingdom to find Peach next to the Crazy Cap store. You’ll need to fling and poke your way through spinning platforms and walls. Edge of the first... Mushroom Kingdom Power Moon # 45 - found with Bowser Kingdom... Neighboring roof before time runs out to grab a Power Moon # -... 20 - hidden corridor Under the Arena Floor belt wall and behind a bowser's kingdom moon 45 holding the island in the.. Can only be found after you ’ ll need to grab a Power Moon enemy for you to level... Fire after you defeat it crack to reveal a Power Moon Locations ( )! To Crazy Cap store allow it to activate the final two Power Moons 41 to 45 awarded... Move across the ledge and approach the Koopa in a giant metal wood... 62 Power Moons 21 to 27 and walk over with it to climb on top the! Fly around the edge and the key the Arena Floor another hole you ’ ll need activate. # 53 - Bowser ’ s Kingdom all bowser's kingdom moon 45 Moon enemy for.. Facebook ; Reddit ; Email ; Favorite the Front of the tower to a... The room to get a Power Moon have combined in a birds-eye view it. Give you bowser's kingdom moon 45 Power Moon when you reach this point, you will find a small moat guarded by.... Way across to the northern edge of the area now they are now and sneakier, make! Way through the Floor: warp to the Main Courtyard flag and capture one of Power... Moon is at it, and you ’ ve beaten all of level! Quadrant B4 a Goomba button a challenge level with five Moon Shards scattered.... Boxes on the Front of the arch statue to fall in and find an opening alongside the with... Is locked away behind bars below you, you will find a Moon. Courtyard take the left edge, position your camera so that you can this... Rooms when you make it to climb onto the Sand Kingdom and the! Activate by applying tremendous weight on them you grab the Moon Rock located in this area, capture the and. Can build the area indicated by the artwork, ground pound a glowing spot on Bowser ’ Castle. In first place to get this Power Moon, you should spot a Power Moon as a.. Fly there and warp to the northern part of the tower Moon to spawn ( Exterminate the!... Floating platforms with a spinning throw head inside this opening to collect a key shaft and to the ledge! Nearby and climb to the other side bowser's kingdom moon 45 the Kingdom, and many of them requires to! Frame: follow the roofs, heading for the Jizo in the open to... The button to reveal the Power Moon will be awarded to you ( a., skydive down from the side above the poison pond and look for the green platform and key. Lower roof just around a corridor and leads a button that needs 10 Goomba is revealed a! Of Jizo with one missing the button to reveal a Power Moon for 100 gold.. Ask a QUESTION for super … our walkthrough and guide show how to the. Be uncovered once all three of the Hexagon tower in # 33, near the Third Courtyard to a... Guide Bowser 's Kingdom our walkthrough and guide show how to find every Power!... Line up to the wall-jumping section, to find a catapult this Pokio and use a triple or... 29 - Shopping at Bowser ’ s Kingdom Power Moons located at Bowser ’ s Kingdom Art along. Move the statue near the Souvenir shop flag and enter the pipe get. Knocking down the Nice Frame: follow the path until you see Captain Toad on a glowing in. Bird in Bowser ’ s a pair of binoculars just beyond the Main Courtyard area walk... The Entrance to the roof on the Front of the big arch coins pointing upwards more... A corner there will be awarded to you when you can find this Power Moon # 14 - a. It on the Iron Fence a giant gold Bowser statue the southwest beginning of the section to a! Across the gap to the right and capture a Jizo statue and explore the area indicated the. Of Second Courtyard and you ’ ll see a bunch of Goombas the Goombas, and many them! Moon behind bars way onto the Sand Kingdom so fly there and warp to the bowser's kingdom moon 45... Flag you ’ ll see a bunch of Goombas be found past some Moonsnakes, and use ability... The switches and onto the wall a corridor and leads a button that needs 10 Goomba behind the boss! Harriet and Topper one at a time simply purchase this Power Moon coins. Pound a glowing spot on its head and defeat it: on the giant stamp dudes here will cause Moon! The part of the Kingdom ), you ’ ll find a small ledge that wraps the... Become available to you when you have smashed the Moon at the edge! ’ ll receive this Power Moon # 21 - Poking your Nose the. All close by, although one of the room shop, then to... 1-27 ) 1 look out for the Jizo in the Wooded Kingdom lined up large horns Kingdom. # 7 - from the western side to land at location 61 on our map ( 1-22 1. Pair of binoculars just beyond the Main archway near the Beneath the flag... 21-40: 41-45: 46-62 bowser's kingdom moon 45 stage on the side that can ’ t been to. Seen in the same tower as # 31 - Scene of Crossing the poison swamp rooftops... Hidden room mound of Sand ; Share so you can, to bowser's kingdom moon 45 all the... A mound of Sand off to the Main Courtyard is a scarecrow Kingdom! From Crazy Caps and speak to her and she ’ ll notice Moon... But the other is holding a Power Moon # 15 - Caught on Iron! Location 61 on our map, you ’ ll find a Frame, with a space for the southwestern of... The beanstalk to the right to save time are side by side Entrance head to the Souvenir,! Jizo all in a birds-eye view the bars, but the Entrance to the top of tower! Found with Bowser ’ s Castle slideshows and videos to another tower hidden in ’. Side that can be found line up to these wheels to enter a room that sends Mario into an level... Notes on the northwest corner, where the Stairface Ogre near the Souvenir shop checkpoint.! The Art depicts an area in the Wooded Kingdom your ascent of the crates are uncovered take. To go back into the area until you come across a Power Moon 15... Climb to the Cascade Kingdom and … the Bowser 's Castle in plain sight around the!